Property Marketing

Property Marketing

Having an idle property without tenants to occupy it is the most frustrating experience. You have invested a lot of resources in it and you want to see Return on Investment. Worse, you took a construction loan and you need to start servicing. In order for your property to be occupied and start generating income, you must aggressively promote it. We discuss some of the strategies we use when marketing your property to ensure maximum occupancy.

a) Listing

In order for your property to be promoted well online, it is advisable to use a property listing agent. This is because, doing it yourself online might not attract many prospective clients as there a lot of unscrupulous property advertising that have made people to be so cautious. However, property listing agents are licensed and not likely to get entangled in property scams.

b) Email marketing

The email marketing strategy is important to enable you develop property news letter and send it to existing customers and prospective ones. You're likely to know who has opened and read your news letter due to the use of Google analytics. In order to succeed in this strategy capture information that is beneficial to your audience as people don't like unnecessary information.

c) Social media promotion

During this social networking time, it is important to promote your property through platforms like Facebook and twitter. Your advert will be seen and shared by many people if you package your information well.

d) Billboards

Many people are found on the roads in cities especially during morning and evening hours. You need to do your research well and know have an approximate number of people using specific routes. Armed with this knowledge, you make an appealing billboard and strategically have it well positioned so that as many people see what you deal in.