Real estate valuation & consultancy

Real estate valuation & consultancy

There are various reasons why the value of real estate property must be determined. This include bank financing, how much should a buyer pay, insurance determination and taxation. This article evaluates the benefits of real estate valuation and consultancy.

a) Expert opinion in court cases

Real estate valuers and consultants may be approached to value and give opinion in complicated real estate cases. The court might want to determine the real value of the property in question so that it makes a factual decision. There are many cases of this nature, for example those involving banks and property owners or sibling disputes when the owner of the property has passed on.

b) Valuation on fair rent

The real estate valuation and consultancies may help developers to understand the realistic rent they ought to charge tenants. They are able to determine this using a multiplicity of methods. It would be difficult for developers to know exactly what they are supposed to charge tenants without the input of real estate valuers and consultants.

c) Market feasibility studies

The real estate developer might want to know how the market for the project looks like. In this case, it is important to seek the services of real estate valuation and consultancies. These professionals are able to use various data to determine the current market and even the future of the real estate project. This helps the developer to evaluate the viability and profitability of their project.

d) Financing of the project

In order for the real estate developers to undertake their construction projects, they may approach financial institutions for a facility. This facility will be offered based on the value of the property which will be used as collateral security. The real estate valuation and consultants will be approached to value the property.